Royal Wood

Toli LVT has a variety of specified dimension combined with vivid natural wood grain, fully demonstrating the beauty of real wood without facing the trouble of maintenance for the natural wood floor.

The specified dimension of ROYAL WOOD series is not limited to plank or square, but also having other special shapes.  Wood pattern can be integrated to the design, thus creating an infinite fashion atmosphere. It is a green product with “ECO Mark” certified in Japan.

ROYAL WOOD is TOLI’s new wood-look solid vinyl tile range that has variety of sizes and authentic designs. Some items are available in stock in Hong Kong.

Natural Tone Tiles of single color number are in full tone variation like natural wood flooring.

Rough Edge Non-uniform joint design makes the flooring look like old and real.

Random Joint The deign showing random joining of plank wood shall create inspiring flooring.

Hand Scrape Please enjoy 3-D finished surface texture by hand scraping of craftsman.

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